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Le Mat - Marseille Tarot

Le Mat Tarot de MarseilleLe Mat is an arcanum of the Tarot de Marseille, which bears no number. This is a separate card, which represents the path that the path of tarot (In Japan the Tao is the "way" to follow to master an art that leads to unity). The map of Mat is a great person and a dog. The evolution of the dog on the left to man can be seen as a nod to the scientific research showing that we have the same ancestors with all mammals, including dogs. Symbolically it evokes our animal part must follow our higher consciousness, our soul.


More concretely, Le Mat Tarot of Marseilles is a pilgrim following a pilgrimage (notice his pilgrim's staff and the fact that it works). A pilgrimage by definition is a voyage of a believer to a place of devotion, to a place held sacred according to his spirituality. It can therefore be seen as a foreigner, an original or a madman, but deep down he believes in its purpose, and is moving forward to achieve his quest.

Current interpretations of the place mat in a draw (positive):

Move forward (he walks), travel or relocate (the bundle), sexual vigor (the stick), to meet, loyalty, freedom, enormous momentum. It forms a perfect match with the star. Walking, follow what is deepest in us. Which is what you expect of life? Philosophical quest. The soul, personality following the soul.

Current interpretations of Le Mat upside down in a draw (negative):

Abandon, madness, lack of travel, moving poorly lived, problems with sexual vigor, not to meet, infidelity, lack of freedom. Running in circles, lack of exits, no person who refuses to follow what is most profound in it. The soul is not awake or is forgotten.

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